Team Lead / Sr. Program Engineer / Sr. Scientist

Navy Science & Technology (S&T) Support (10+ years experience in R&D (preferably S&T) Program Management) (Full-time Employment)

Position Description: The Team Lead will coordinate the Fulcrum Team and also provide technical, engineering, analytical, and program management support services to ONR Code 33 in support of a variety of naval technology programs including advancing the development and transition of technologies supporting surface and sub-surface platforms, Advanced Naval Power Systems, Advanced Platform Concepts, Platform Survivability, Sea Basing Systems, National Naval Responsibility and overall technical support of ONR Code 33. Specifically, the Team Lead will coordinate the support contractor team efforts and also support the ONR 33 Leadership and Program Officers in:

  • Assessing the impact of anticipated system and application initiatives identified by Code 33.
  • Development and refinement of their S&T investment strategy. Provide assistance to the Program Officers to identify and evaluate technology development projects given budget and schedule limitations. Facilitate investment strategy meetings.
  • Development of Department/Division program planning documentation.
  • Periodically assessing the status of Program Officer’s projects by reviewing regular project deliverables and by attending meetings and discussing issues directly with project personnel, as required. Assist in developing corresponding recommendations, briefings, and reports.
  • Coordination of Program Officer’s projects and plans with other DoD organizations and other Government agencies, as required.
  • Developing and maintaining program management tools for correspondence, action item tracking, project status tracking, and project history maintenance, as well as developing financial and programmatic summaries, reports, briefings, and analysis for internal and external data calls.
  • Planning and executing allocations by coordinating preparation and review of actual and projected funding estimates, justifications and strategies.
  • Expediting financial execution and ensure programmatic benchmarks are met by tracking availability and use of funds and reviewing financial documents and plans for impact on program objectives and requirements to assist the Program Officer in optimally allocating resources.
  • Providing graphics and reproduction services, appropriate nearby conference and business facilities, and other allowable materials and services necessary to support identified tasks.
  • Preparing program status reports and after-action reports following major program reviews or key events.
  • Preparing briefing materials and planning and conducting program reviews, technical meetings and seminars, as required.
  • Coordination of program meetings, conferences, and demonstrations with government authorities, program managers and other ONR Code 33 support team members, as required.

Qualifications and Requirements:

Candidates will work as part of a team of Fulcrum and Government professionals supporting a variety of programs.

All candidates must:

  • Communicate complex issues, clearly and effectively, both verbally and in writing.
  • Monitor and report on project activities and resources to mitigate risk throughout the project life cycle.
  • Perform a variety of duties to assist in the evaluation of the effectiveness of different Navy programs and operations.
  • Be proficient in the use of commercial software packages such as Microsoft Office (in particular Word, Power Point, Project, Outlook and Excel) and Sharepoint.


  • Minimum of 10 years of recent experience managing R&D, preferably S&T, programs is required.
  • Prior experience as a Program Manager.
  • A demonstrated ability to communicate with senior level government and military personnel and to work effectively in a small team environment.
  • Able to evaluate, develop and suggest improvements to analytical models, procedures and techniques.
  • Capable of developing and maintaining key documents and plans that incorporate all relevant studies and analyses.
  • Capable of developing and planning methodologies to analyze research programs.
  • Experience in development of databases for technical and programmatic tracking of key deliverables and milestones.
  • Ability to work both independently or collaboratively.
  • Familiar with financial management systems and other internal work processes.


  • Candidates should have either:
  • A Master’s degree from a fully accredited institution in a technical field such as engineering or other closely related field, with 10 years of recent experience in S&T program management or;
  • A Bachelor’s degree from a fully accredited institution in a technical field such as engineering or other closely related field with 15 years of recent experience in S&T program management.

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