Fulcrum, Icarus and Syntek Merge

Effective January 1, 2016, Our three companies were merged under the Syntek Technologies Corporate name. This will facilitate our companies working together to deliver innovative, high-quality services to our current customers and position us to serve new customers in an even stronger functional capacity. Our company will continue to uphold the same values of honesty, integrity, and delivering exceptional technical results.

BMT Group Agrees to Sale of BMT Syntek Technologies Inc to Fulcrum Corporation

BMT Group, a leading international engineering, maritime and risk management consultancy, has announced the sale of BMT Syntek Technologies Inc to Fulcrum Corporation.

Fulcrum Corporation is an award-winning woman-owned small business (WOSB) based in Arlington, VA. providing customized services and solutions to organizations within the Department of Defense, the Department of Transportation, and various private sector companies.

The Board of BMT Group believes this to be a beneficial move for the staff of BMT Syntek Technologies, given the prolonged period of time during which the company has seen its traditional market become increasingly squeezed and restricted to small business set-aside contracts.  As part of the BMT group, BMT Syntek Technologies has been classed as a large business and has therefore been unable to propose for such contracts, whereas ownership by Fulcrum will once again make it an eligible small business and will help the sustainability of the business going forward. Equally importantly, combining with the Fulcrum Corporation will give the company a greater critical mass.

BMT Group Chief Executive Peter French commented: “I am confident that Fulcrum Corporation’s acquisition of BMT Syntek Technologies, Inc will prove to be beneficial for both companies and their employees. While it is always sad to see friends and colleagues leave the BMT family, this is a pragmatic move that will allow BMT Syntek Technologies Inc to operate within the current contracting environment and to achieve its full potential.”

Peter French continued: “We look forward to retaining a long term indigenous presence in the US defence arena through our long standing company BMT Designers & Planners Inc”

Vijay K. Kohli, President of Fulcrum Corporation said: “The sale is mutually beneficial to Fulcrum Corporation and BMT Syntek Technologies, Inc. Fulcrum Corporation will expand its capabilities and customer base while BMT Syntek Technologies, Inc. will be able to pursue small business set-aside opportunities that they are currently ineligible to pursue.  In addition, we anticipate some synergy between BMT Syntek Technology’s world-class electrical power capabilities and Fulcrum’s naval science and technology development and ship design engineering expertise.”

Acquisition of Icarus Research

The Syntek team has been involved with plasma physic programs for NRL over two decades. Syntek has been responsible for conducting theoretical analysis and experimental work in the Beam Physics Branch of the Plasma Physics Division at NRL in the following areas: Free-electron Lasers (in conjunction with Office of Naval Research (ONR) continuously since 1986); Efficiency enhancement, sideband generation, Optical guiding, Beam quality issues, Longitudinal beam compression, X-Ray Lithography: (in conjunction with Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) from 1989 to 1991), Novel X-Ray source concepts, Directed Pulses of Electromagnetic Radiation: (in conjunction with DARPA from 1990 to 1992), Diffraction effects in directed beams, Sommerfeld and Brillouin forerunners, Grating Free-electron Lasers: (in conjunction with DARPA & ONR from 1990 to 1994), Small-signal analysis, Non-linear effects and efficiency, Finite beam effects, Novel configurations, Theory support for NRL grating laser experiments, High-Power X-Band Magnicon Source: (in conjunction with the Department of Energy (DoE) continuously from 1990), Deflection system analysis and design, Output cavity analysis and design, Theory support for NRL magnicon experiments, Design of millimeter-wave materials processing experiments: (in conjunction with ONR, Joint Technology Office (JTO)), Operation of NRL 35 GHz and 83 GHZ, 15 kW gyrotron, Experiments with ceramic powders, compacts & densified materials to include; microstructure, density, and other physical and mechanical characteristics; Theoretical studies into densification behavior of ceramic materials exposed to high millimeter-wave electromagnetic fields, Cyclotron Autoresonance Accelerator: (in conjunction with ONR & Department of Energy (DoE) from 1991 to 1994), Remote Sensing: (in conjunction with ONR continuously from 1995), Analysis of absorption and scattering processes, Numerical studies of UB generation, High Gradient Accelerators: (in conjunction with ONR & DoE continuously from 1986),Propagation of Intense Laser Beams in the Atmosphere. (in conjunction with JTO/NAVSEA and ONR since 2003), Plasma Turbulence and Space Weather (in conjunction with DARPA & ONR continuously since 2003), Magnetospheric & Ionospheric Research. (in conjunction with ONR and NASA), and studies with the LFM global MHD magnetospheric simulation code including Joule and precipitation energy dissipation in the polar ionosphere, magnetic topology of the polar cap during northward interplanetary magnetic field, ionospheric plasma outflow to the magnetotail, and the cross-polar convection potential in the ionosphere and magnetosphere.

About Fulcrum Corporation

Woman-owned Small Business

Formed in 1999, Fulcrum Corporation (Fulcrum) is an award-winning business headquartered in Arlington, Virginia. We have extensive experience providing customized services and solutions to organizations within the Department of Defense, the Department of Transportation, and various private sector companies.

At Fulcrum, we utilize the vast experience of our in-house technical talent to offer full-service solutions to government agencies, private industry, and non-profit organizations. We also leverage our numerous resources and working relationships within academia and industry so that we can provide superior results for any client we service.

Staff Proficiencies

We have a knowledgeable staff with education and experience in a wide range of subjects that offer high-tech engineering, technical, program management, systems integration, technology demonstration, and financial management support to fit your needs.

Some specific areas we focus on are: Aquacultural Engineering, Biology, Business Intelligence, Computer Information Systems, Finance, Human Factors Engineering, Human Performance Analysis, Marine Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Naval Architecture, Ocean Engineering, Program Evaluation, Technical Writing, Software Engineering, Systems Engineering, Technical Program Management, Technology Exploitation, Usability Testing & Analysis, Web Application Development


We earn each client’s trust by providing them with more than just high-quality services and solutions. We are acutely aware of the need to maximize a client’s Return on Investment (ROI) and understand just how important it is to complete projects in a timely and orderly manner. We have succeeded in performing our past projects on time, within budget to the satisfaction of our customers and have been consistently entrusted with program oversight, planning, integration, and budgeting.

About Syntek Technologies

Syntek Technologies was established in 1994 as a “Management and Technical Professional Services Firm Supporting Maritime Defense Programs.” Corporate headquarters is located in Arlington, Virginia near customers like Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Office of Naval Research (ONR), and National Science Foundation (NSF).

Syntek Technologies became a wholly-owned subsidiary of BMT Group in 2002. Syntek Technologies became a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Fulcrum Companies in October 2014.

Syntek Technologies principals are exceptional leaders in their respective fields, many having Masters degrees and PhDs.  Most have extensive government experience in senior positions, are visionaries with luminous track records and are supported by an outstanding technical staff.  Syntek Technologies operations are managed in two principal area:

Power Systems

This area focuses on the application of advanced power and automation system concepts to the challenges facing next generation Navy and commercial platforms. Advanced power concepts include high voltage and high frequency generation, advanced AC, hybrid AC/DC and full DC distribution architectures, high power density propulsion motors (up to 50,000 HP) and the application of new power electronics developments to power conversion. Advanced automation concepts include mission based resource management approaches, component level intelligence, agent based architectures and reconfigurable communication systems.

Acquisition Support

This area provides decision support and program support to government customers, as well as assisting with technology transition from basic research through completion of engineering development. We provide special capability to advance the technology readiness level of certain technologies.


Our philosophy is simple: We apply advanced thinking, a broad knowledge base and uncommon foresight to every project we undertake, while maintaining the highest standards of integrity in all business decisions and actions.  We are technology focused, known for broad perspective and solid results and committed to excellence and innovation. We operate with honesty and integrity, function as a team with customers and base our success on customers satisfaction.

Summing Up

We provide advisory, analysis, M&S and technology development services, with power systems as a particular domain of expertise.

About Icarus Research

Icarus Research is the developer of CyberRay. CyberRay is a particle beam simulator operating in the regime of geometric optics. A CyberRay beam consists of either charged particles or photons. The state of a beam at various times is determined by calculating the path of every particle in the beam through some set of objects in three-dimensional space. The simulation is fully 3D, and is capable of determining any spatial, temporal, or spectral properties of the beam.