FRA Contract No.; DTFR53-12-D-00008

Since its inception in 1999, Syntek Technologies has provided technical, engineering, and program support to the Department of Transportation. Syntek Technologies began providing this type of support to the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) in 2000 and employs personnel that have supported the FRA Office of Research Policy and Development and Office of Safety Programs over the past eleven years. Syntek Technologies has been recognized by FRA with the 2003 Minority Business Enterprise Award and 2005 Women Business Enterprise Award for outstanding performance and for significant contribution to the Department of Transportation/Federal Railroad Administration.

Currently, Syntek Technologies has IDIQ contract with FRA and has performed over 20 different tasks including the demonstration of technologies for the brake piston detection system, railroad tracking, safety and security system for the hazmat tank cars, programmatic on-site support, risk reduction and fatigue management support, positive control support, and evaluation of Railroad Safety Improvement ACT (RSIA) 2008. The goal of these support programs are to assist FRA in the improving rail transportation efficiency and safety. Sometimes Syntek Technologies is requested to provide short-term reactive support, requiring the research to be performed as expeditiously as possible.