Syntek Technologies offers a full range of evaluation services that provide our clients with useful and trustworthy information. We provide actionable information on program implementation, program outcome, and program sustainability.


  • Is implementation proceeding according to plan?
  • Are deviations from plan constructive?
  • What corrective action is needed?
  • How is the program evolving?
  • How well is it adapting to changing conditions?


  • Are intended consequences being met?
  • To what degree are they being met?
  • Are there unintended consequences?


  • Once start-up funds and human capital are expended
    • Will the program continue?
    • What will assure longevity?


Assistance with Proposals Many projects require a written evaluation design. Sometimes the need is to include evaluation criteria in requests for proposals. Sometimes the need is to present an evaluation design in a response to proposals. In either case the language must be appropriate for the information needed, and the design must be feasible with respect to level of effort and timeline.Project Execution Syntek Technologies has extensive experience in executing evaluation projects. We are expert at planning and project management, implementing and running evaluations, data analysis, and results reporting.

Assistance with Report Writing and Presentations We work with clients who have done evaluations, but who require assistance in writing their reports or constructing presentations based on their findings.

Coaching Often, key individuals desire training and coaching on topics that span the evaluation life cycle. What kind of evaluation requirements should I demand? How much should an evaluation cost? How should I go about monitoring evaluation activities? What do evaluation findings mean? How much should I trust the findings? What additional questions should I ask? We work with people on a one-to-one, or a small group basis, to help them develop useful and practical answers to these questions.

Workshops and Training Syntek Technologies staff have extensive experience in designing and presenting classes and workshops on a wide variety of general and specialized evaluation topics. Our experience includes in-person and Web-based modalities. We work with clients to make sure that the material we present is pegged to the knowledge of attendees, and conducive to furthering the evaluation needs of the organization.

Evaluation Capacity Building Successful organizations are able to use data to formulate plans, implement programs, operate efficiently, monitor their environments, improve their operations, and provide more effective services. That capacity transcends the skills and inclinations of any person, or even, the collective skills and inclinations of the entire workforce. To use data well, skill and knowledge must be embedded in a set of processes, a culture, and a reward system that promotes seeking and using information. Syntek Technologies works with organizations to help them design, implement, and nurture those processes, culture, and reward system.

Syntek Technologies evaluation work integrates program logic, metrics, methodology, and respect for stakeholders.Logic models Logic models describe how a program works and what will be different if it works. They are used to set stakeholders’ expectations, to forge a common understanding between stakeholders and evaluators, to guide data collection and interpretation, and to influence recommendations.

Metrics Metrics are quantitative and qualitative indicators of program activity, outcome, and impact. The quality of metrics matters because it is only through metrics that we can obtain an accurate understanding of how a program is behaving and what impact it is having.

Methodology Methodology is the analysis framework in which data are embedded. It is only through methodology that meaning is extracted from data. Methodology can be qualitative or quantitative, simple or complicated. The choice depends on what is needed to provide practical information.

Respect for Stakeholders: Decision and policy makers live in a world of shifting priorities and competing demands. Our evaluation approach respects these dynamics by staying in close touch with those who need information, and by timing analysis to program schedules.

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