Office of Naval Research Projects

  • Naval Projects

Fulcrum is providing engineering, technical, analytical, budgetary, and program management support to programs under the cognizance of the Office of Naval Research (ONR) Sea Warfare and Weapons (Code 33).  This support covers a variety of Naval Science and Technology (S&T) programs including:

  • Future Naval Capabilities (FNC) – Existing and new start program
  • Innovative Naval Prototypes (INP) – Existing and new start program
  • S&T Strategic Focus Areas – Fleet Force Sustainment, Platform Mobility, and Power and Energy
  • S&T Investment Areas – Advanced Sea Platforms, Advanced Naval Power, Survivable Sea Platforms, and Seabasing Technologies
  • S&T Programs – Ship Structural Reliability, Propulsion Materials, Power & Energy Technologies, and Advanced Ship Concepts