Bridge and Tunnel Security and Surveillance Technologies

  • Highway Projects

Fulcrum was tasked to  review and synthesize state-of-the-art tools, technologies, and practices related to surveillance and security of bridges and tunnels, paying particular attention to the differences between large, densely populated States and smaller, rural States in terms of their needs and capabilities, and the correspondingly appropriate technologies. Specifically, this review had surveillance and security components. The surveillance component includes:

  • Clear descriptions of available systems and their effectiveness.
  • Descriptions of when and how to integrate systems into new and existing structures.
  • Reviews of installation and maintenance costs.
  • Reviews of technologies for dual use or multiple uses.
  • Reviews of technologies for overcoming barriers to monitoring bridges and tunnels in remote locations, including but not limited to the limitations of power cells and transmission of video signals.
  • Examination of existing automated alarm systems for bridge and tunnel security, both for transportation and the appropriate non-transportation applications.
  • Examination of technologies such as cameras (including decoy cameras), or processes such as patrols, for monitoring critical structures, for communication, and for conveying collected information to the appropriate people both within and outside State transportation agencies.